children-teacherOur educational framework:

EMERGENT CURRICULUM is an ongoing and creative process. It begins with purposeful observation of the children’s interests and passions. The teachers use these observations to envision where they and the children might adventure together. Using careful documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience, the staff use the children’s own interests to develop enticing and meaningful programs.

DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICES gives us the standards for what young children are like in terms of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development, and the characteristics and experiences that make each child unique. Knowing what is typical at each age and stage of early development is the key to promoting optimal learning opportunities.

CREATIVE CURRICULUM provides a “blueprint” for planning and implementing developmentally sound programs. Beginning by creating classroom environments that offer a variety of “areas of interest”, the teacher’s offer age-appropriate, skill increasing, group and individual activities. Recognizing that home and school are a young child’s two most important worlds, we connect these two worlds in positive and respectful ways. Partnering with families using informal and formal communications, offering a variety of ways for families to contribute and conducting conferences to discuss progress and to plan together. All these components join together to support each child’s healthy development and learning.


EMERGENT CURRICULUM by Elizabeth Jones & John Ninno


THE CREATIVE CURRICULUM (4th edition) by Diana Trister Dodge & Laura J. Cloker