Classroom Programs

Programs that meet your child’s developmental needs…

West Hills Learning Center offers enriching and engaging learning environments for children ages 12 months to 6 years.

We offer four different program options, each designed to support the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of children in a group learning approach.  Customized classroom lesson plans are based upon the Creative Curriculum and Emergent Curriculum models and address your child’s individual interests and abilities.

At the Learning Center, your child will learn and explore under the careful guidance and supervision of our experienced staff.

All Learning Center programs include lunch.

Diverse curriculum plans span many subject areas and include cultural programs designed to nurture curiosity, support the development of essential skills, and prepare your child for a successful transition to public or private elementary school.

Toddler: Sunflower RoomRose Room and Laurel Room
Preschool: Maple Room and Aspen Room
Pre-Kindergarten: Willow Room
Pre-K/Kindergarten: Azalea Room

TODDLER:  Our toddler program begins in the Sunflower Room, where the youngest members of our community take their first steps of independence away from home.  Toddlers and Two’s later transition to the Rose Room and then to the Laurel Room where we continue to support developing independence and exploration.

PRESCHOOL:  For the preschool age child whose mantra is, “I can do it myself,” this program offers a variety of engaging activities which foster confidence and independence.   Older two’s and younger three year-old children are placed in the Maple Room, and later make the transition to the Aspen Room.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN: At this level, your child’s interest naturally grows in new subject areas as independence and social skills increase.  This program focuses on skills development and social enrichment through a series of engaging individual lessons and group activities.   Our Pre-Kindergarten program is in the Willow Room.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN/KINDERGARTEN: This age-blended program includes older Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.   The Creative and Emergent Curriculum models at this level focus on deeper study of special interests and more complex social interactions. Daily time is devoted to developing and refining the skills and building the knowledge necessary for a successful transition to elementary school.    The Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten program is in the Azalea Room.

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